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     All of the pictures created by us or on our web sites are rights-protected, © Masterpeace. They can be licensed for print and web use, under the terms listed below. Photos created by us or on our sites are not in the public domain; unauthorized use will result in financial liability much greater than the original licensing fee would be.

     Below are approximate licensing fees for different uses of photographs from this site. You can email us to get a firm quote on your exact use at Please include a description of your intended use, and the image number(s) of the photo(s) you want to use. The prices below are for indefinite, non-exlusive use.


Web Use
Web use, non-commercial
churches, public schools/non-profits/etc.
Free of charge if the required credit appears with the image, hyperlinked back to this site. Our copyright will remain on the photo.
Web use, commercial $50 per photo
Print Use
Print use, non-commercial
churches, local public schools, non-profits, etc.
press run: any
$50.00 charge for providing high-resolution jpeg files; licensing is free if the required credit appears with the image. Our copyright will remain on the photo.
Print use, non-commercial
national non-profit organization.
press run: any
$50.00 per photo
Print use, commercial
press run: up to 3,000 copies
$100.00 per photo
Print use, commercial
press run: up to 10,000 copies
$150.00 per photo
Print use, commercial
press run: up to 30,000 copies
$200.00 per photo
Contact us by email for any use not covered above.

Non-commercial use

Some examples of non-commercial use would be on the website of a church, public school, or non-profit organization. Use on a personal webpage is also acceptable, and free if the guidelines below are followed. Our copyright will remain on the photo(s).

The photo credit below must accompany the photo for non-commercial web and print use (HTML code follows, which can be copied and pasted):

<p>Photo courtesy of

<a href="">Masterpeace © 2006</a></p>

The code will look like this on your site:

Photo courtesy of Masterpeace © 2006

Images cannot be altered, such as adding text, logos, or other graphic elements (I will make exceptions on a case-by-case basis).

Pictures can't be incorporated into material for which you charge money, such as a book or merchandise, even if you are a non-profit. That would be considered commercial use.

Commercial use

Use of a picture (in whole or as part of a composite image) by a commercial business is considered "commercial use". This applies to web and print, including editorial use (such as a newsletter, book, or informational website). Internal company use by a for-profit business would also considered "commercial use". We will provide you with high resolution images and remove the copyright information from them.

You can email us directly. We will need to know the image identification number or name and how you will be using the image. I will reply within 24 hours. Unauthorized use will result in billing for triple the fair-market value for each photo misused.